The United Grand Lodge of England
Freemasonry has been in existence for some 300 years. The first Grand Lodge was formed in London, England in 1717. A rival Grand Lodge came into being in 1751, but in 1813 these two Grand Lodges were united and to this day we refer to ‘The United Grand Lodge’ which is the central governing body for freemasonry in England.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Leicestershire and Rutland

Leicestershire freemasonry started in the eighteenth century. One of the first lodges formed was St Johns Lodge in 1790. The Provincial Grand Lodge was formed in the same era and is the governing body for the counties of Leicestershire and Rutland. 

The Lodge of Gratitude 6514
Our Lodge was consecrated on the 26th May 1948. It was formed from a teaching lodge called The United Lodge of Instruction. Twenty members from this original lodge decided to form a new lodge and they named it The Lodge of Gratitude in deference to the enjoyment they were receiving from freemasonry. 

They designed a crest which is still used today, and the motto therein translates, “if you seek for the foundations, look within”. The bye laws of our Lodge states that our members should at all time reflect strength of character and radiate true Masonic principles.

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