What is Freemasonry

Freemasonry is founded on the three principles of Love, Relief and Truth (see below). It aims to bring together men of high moral and spiritual values regardless of class, creed or culture.

Freemasonry is one of the oldest fraternal societies and its ceremonies take the form of a series of plays with wording related to stonemason’s customs and tools. Originally it was a society of stonemasons only, who formed themselves into lodges to protect their skills and to pass on knowledge to their apprentices. As the large building projects diminished worthy men with other professions and occupations were accepted. The wording for the ritual plays (or ceremonies) is learnt by heart and each ceremony is enacted by the officers of the lodge.

There is a progression of offices held for brethren who wish to advance their Masonic career, but these are not compulsory. There are also more long term offices such as Secretary, Treasurer, Organist etc, so there is a wide choice available.

The Three Main Principles of Freemasonry


  1. Love: A Freemason is expected to show respect and understanding for the opinions of all whom he comes into contact with. He is to behave with kindness and tolerance to all his fellow creatures.
  2. Relief: A Freemason is taught to support all charities both Masonic and non-Masonic. Freemasonry cares for orphans and the sick. It operates schools for girls and boys and has several retirement homes for the aged, one of which is Devonshire Court (pictured right), based in Oadby, Leicester. Every 5 years or so, the Province of Leicestershire & Rutland submits a major donation to the Grand Lodge Charity  in London. The last presentation was made on the 19th May, 2012 when a cheque was presented to Grand Lodge amounting to £1.6m. The Province is now raising funds for the next Grand Lodge Festival.
    A good proportion of this money raised will be given to non-masonic charities where public benefit is clearly demonstrated, such as medical research, youth opportunities, vulnerable people, hospices and emergency grants.
  3. Truth: A Freemason strives for truth and has high moral standards. The ritual in the ceremonies seeks to instill in its members a moral and ethical approach to life.
Freemasons look to these three main precepts of the Order as a way of achieving an increase in the fulfilment of their own standards and conduct in life.

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