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United Grand Lodge of England

Leicester,Freemasonary,Freemasons,Masons,Masonic,Lodge,Leicestershire,RutlandFreemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street, London has been the centre of English Freemasonry for 230 years. It is the meeting place for over 1,000 Masonic lodges and is the headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England, the oldest Grand Lodge in the world.

The interior of the building is richly decorated. The Library and Museum organises free tours of the Grand Temple and ceremonial areas.

Each year, the Grand Charity makes large grants to masonic and non-masonic charities. The Royal Masonic Trust for Boys & Girls assists over 1,500 children and young adults each year.

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The Provincial Grand Lodge of Leicestershire and Rutland

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Leicestershire and Rutland is based at Freemasons’ Hall, 80 London Road, Leicester. It is widely recognised as one of the best provincial lodge buildings in the country, with four Masonic Temples, dining facilities and an excellent library. It is the administrative centre of Leicestershire and Rutland Freemasonry.

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