Joining Freemasonry

The easiest way to join Freemasonry is to contact a friend, colleague or family member who you know to be a Freemason. They will explain some of the basic principles to you and if their lodge is in your area, they can propose or second you into their own lodge.

If this is not the case, then you could apply to our Lodge for membership provided that you first satisfy the following essential requirements:
  • You are male and 21 years or over. There is no upper age limit.
  • You must have a belief in a Supreme Being. Your God can originate from any class or creed. Freemasonry is not a religion and does not allow any religious or political comments to be discussed at its meetings.
  • You must respect the laws of your country and have high moral standards.
  • Your reason for requesting membership should be genuine and not include a desire to promote any business or professional interest as this is not allowed.
  • Approval from your family or dependents is necessary as freemasonry should encourage friendships in all walks of life, and should believe in promoting family values.
Leicester,Freemasonary,Freemasons,Masons,Masonic,Lodge,Leicestershire,Rutland So, if you are a God-fearing, law-abiding citizen with a desire to seek friendship from like-minded men and to promote charitable works for the community, please contact our Lodge to discuss possible membership.

What happens next?

Your enquiry will be acknowledged and you will have a preliminary meeting with Stephen and Richard, two officers of our lodge. They will hopefully answer all your questions, supply you with booklets and over a period of time will introduce you to other members of the Lodge and show you around Freemasons Hall in London Road, Leicester. You may be asked to one of our social events as we would like to meet your family as well.

This can take several months to complete and you have no obligation to join our Lodge during this time. In due course, you will meet our Committee and following their approval your application will be balloted for during a lodge meeting. Please bear in mind that there is no guarantee of membership approval.

The cost of membership and charitable contribution is about £4 a week, but is slightly more in year one as initiation fees are payable to the regulating bodies.

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